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Chat with us?

Our Support Team is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday in two timezones: Pacific Standard Time (PST): 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central European Time (CET): 12 p.m. (1200) – 12 a.m. Start a live chat with our staff in the window you see on the bottom right.  Your Name and Email is a good start. […]

How does the booking process work?

Here’s how the booking process works at BoutiqueHomes: When you’re interested in booking one of our properties, fill out the Request to Book form. Enter your dates, number of guests, if you have pets, and if you’re flexible with your dates. Click REQUEST TO BOOK. The owner will respond to your inquiry using our online conversation […]

How do I contact the property owner?

At BoutiqueHomes, bookings are made directly with the homeowner. To receive a quote and make a booking, you first have to make a request. While viewing a particular property, you’ll see the REQUEST TO BOOK tab. That’s where you can contact the owner directly.

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